The unused spaces of our offices, buildings, and homes have the potential of an open canvas. What are now blank walls could be transformed into shared moments of wonder. Creativity and engagement play big roles in how we think about productivity. Using interactive projection installations, the possibilities are infinite.
These are the thoughts that sparked this project and what I used to secure sponsorship for the work. It was developed in a small team providing part time for development. As the conceiving artists I designed and generated the interaction and visuals while also performed a majority of the project management duties.
Interaction Design Sketches
Concept Art and Motion Mockup
Colored concept illustration 1
Final background artwork for the display: enhancing the space was more than whether people could play with the display. I also wanted to create an uplifting effect with natural scenery. (biophilia effect) Since the installation was inside an office building and in the NW, mountains, fields, and conifer where selected. The display also includes audio with bird-song, breezes, and water burble.
Diagrams, Spacial Mockups, and Prototype setup:  designing the digital visuals was only a small part of the process. Deciding on HW and HW configuration was key to making the whole display come to life. Understanding how the camera's functioned and where they needed to be placed, figuring out the best placement for the projector, heck - which type of projector to use, and figuring out a setup that could be easily moved from lab to location with minimal pain, were just a few of the physical designs that had to be developed. 
Interaction Designs for Development:
The interaction had to be articulated and communicated in a short timeframe for the developer. I opted for quick and dirty illustrations paired with a checklist of the interactions being described to make it as easy and clear as possible. Each 'page' focuses on a particular element of the interaction that people could play with when done.

Final Installation in Action: the project went live in February 2017. In this picture you can see the ultra short throw projector, the white metal enclosure which has a small computer inside and the depth cameras that drive the interaction. The artwork has some parallax and the field populates with more and more flowers in correlation to people playing with the comment bubbles.
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