Many people approach me and don't necessarily know what to expect when creating an Explainer Animation. And that's okay!
As a producer I'll guide you through each step of the process. I will work with you to develop the message, which we'll write in a script.
I'm also an illustrator & animator which means that at each stage of development you can be confident that the art and animation adheres to the spirit and goals of your message.
I grew up in a house filled with computers and science. Out of college I joined Intel, and for just over 8 years I was a graphic designer, then app and web UI designer, and then grew into motion graphics. Learning and simplifying complicated, interlocking information was a necessity, and I got very, very good at it.
So you might not be surprised that my specialty with Explainer Animations is in helping teams in technical and science related fields. I do what I do because I enjoy absorbing new information, learning, and adaptation. Working with clients to help them explain their topics exposes me to ideas and worlds I might not otherwise encounter!
I am a person who values efficiency and commitment to work well executed. My naturally reflective and deliberate personality, matched with years of experience, has given me strong and diversified technical skills with a very human-centered, practical perspective. I believe it's these qualities that give me the ability to produce quality results for happy clients.
As a consultant, I will help you articulate your story.
As a designer and animator, I will make it look good.
Customer Quotes
" I was impressed by [Cyrene's] ability to quickly grasp complex topics and then convert that complexity into a series of concise and understandable messages, in verbiage and imagery, which we could then use to facilitate conversations with potential customers. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Cyrene..."
- Dan Zaretsky, Pravici LLC

" I had the pleasure of working with Cyrene on an animated video for new employee orientation at one of our international sites. Cyrene demonstrated strong project management, leadership, and collaboration skills in guiding the project team. She offered suggestions that enhanced our overall message, was open to feedback, and learned about the culture and environment of our international site. Cyrene was very self-directed. Her expert technical skills facilitated our ability to succinctly and persuasively share our employee relations philosophy with new hires. She produced quality results and for the right cost.  I strongly recommend Cyrene for any client or employer looking to develop explainer videos or related content for communications or training purposes."
- Patrick Duffy, Director of Global Labor Relations and Workforce Policy, Intel Corporation
Looking to create an explainer animation, add motion to video, enhance your project with visuals? Maybe you just want to understand more about the process? Please get in touch with me by filling out the form below.
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