Please note: This project is a work in progress
One day I posted a watercolor illustration to Instragram. Someone I know who runs a small publishing company saw it and recommended that I work with an author looking to develop a children's book.
Steampunk. Space. Moons, ships, aliens, adventure. Why not?
Lunatec is a story about a young extraterrestrial who resides in the moon. Her civilization has as decayed over the millennia and she is alone. But one day, an astronaut from Earth crash lands on the moon. This is the beginning of a great adventure to the Sun!
From the very beginning. Wether we live in cities or out near the wilderness, the moon is always there in its phases for us to admire. But just what is the moon? Surely not cheese?!

The two main characters have met and Luna gives Bae a tour down into the sub-surface city.

Line art

Final Composition

Venus might have life?

Barren but beautiful Mercury

A scene from later in the picture book where Luna and her earthling friend Bae encounter the people who catch solar fish near the heat of the sun....
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